Welcome to Superwash!

Superwash offers large, clean, and modern laundromats with lots of parking and plenty of available machines, with multiple washing options, convenience sinks, towels, & cups.

Come experience the Superwash difference and enjoy extra large machines, snacks & soda, and take advantage of cash, credit, debit, and loyalty card payments. Check out our discounts and promotions below!

All locations are open 5AM to Midnight – 365 days a year!


Merchants Common

1620 Main St. Rte. 18, So. Weymouth, MA 02190
(781) 335-6026

Old Town

 347 North Ave., No. Abington, MA 02351
(781) 871-4651

Abington Crossing

800 Brockton Ave. Rte. 123, Abington, MA 02351
(781) 857-1229

Centre Street

626 Centre St. Rte. 123, Brockton, MA 02302
(508) 580-0755

Cary Hill

249 No. Cary St, Brockton, MA 02302
(508) 587-2272

South Main

2023 So. Main St., Brockton, MA 02301
(508) 584-5469

Central Square Superwash

12 Central Square, Bridgewater, MA 02324
(508) 697-8151

Nantasket Beach Superwash

259 Nantasket Ave, Hull, MA 02045
(781) 925-1241


61 Cole Parkway, Scituate, MA 02066
(781) 545-9673

Loads of Machines!

Vending Machines

Leave Your Quarters Behind!

Cash & Credit Accepted
Superwash offers multiple ways to pay. Credit cards, debit cards and cash are accepted to add value to your Laundry Card.

Loyalty = Rewards
Keep the same Laundry Card for each visit and you will be eligible for various bonuses and loyal customer benefits!

Lost Card? No Problem!
As long as you register your full name, address, phone number and email on your card we will issue you a new card and transfer the balance from your lost card.


Specials & Discounts

Wash to Win

Register your laundry card to earn points every time you do your laundry with us. Once you reach the points goal a cash bonus is automatically added to your card!

Birthday Bonus

Get a $5 Birthday Bonus! Look out for a special message when you visit the store the week of your birthday.

Customer Reviews

  • All was good and nice people go here I will be moving and will miss you all

    thumb Randal Bessette

    Won't go anywhere else staff is great you can also get your jeans starts for $1.97 Best value in Midland

    thumb Brett Herrmann

    Best laundry. And open late.

    thumb Priscillya Peronel

    Excellent. Don't go alot but when I do it's clean and all the machines working. Wide open 2 accommodate many customers.

    thumb Lisa Cerullo

    Unstaffed so you are left to do laundry in peace. Great hours: 5AM - midnight everyday! There is also a few old school centrifuges where you can spin (for 95 cents) your clothes extra fast after wash and save time & money when you transfer them to the dryer. The music is set to easy listening 99.1 FM. Everything about this place is cool. Standard credit/debit card payment for rechargable laundry cards.

    thumb Ian Gong
  • We are staying in Hull for an extended vacation and have been here twice already. Very clean, great card system and friendly fellow customers. Highly recommend!

    thumb Alice Dion

    Best laundry Matt I've been too, big huge washing machine & dryers. I like it alot

    thumb Shawna Doll

    Very clean, only at 50% capacity but that helps your trip go faster since more machines are available. Friendly staff, comfortable environment, free wifi

    thumb Cealdia Humes

    This place is very clean. The people who work here are nice and helpful. I love how they have separate washers and dryers for work clothes. Overall a great experience. I would recommend them.

    thumb Katherine Bourg

    First time in a public laundromat in years. My home washer decided to breakdown in the middle of a load Everything's automated, you buy a laundry card and load it with the amount of money you may spend to wash and dry. I needed a little assistance and the staff as well as another female patron which was also washing was very nice and helpful. The prices have definitely increased since the last time I was in a laundromat but the facility was nice and clean and there were more than enough working washers and dryers to be utilized by every on. I will go back if needed but praying that my washer can be fixed or Lowes is having a good sale!

    thumb Carolyn M Ellis
  • Driers actually work! We came here to wash a bunch of clothes and sheets and blankets after our camping trip and it was so nice to get it done in one trip.

    thumb Ladybug Luv

    Staff are nice when they’re present, they’ve got tolerable music that can be drowned out by headphones, and the restaurant nearby only enhances the experience.

    thumb Book Book

    Clean, easy to access and awesome variety of machines!!

    thumb Hila

    This laundry mat is very rarely crowded no matter what time you go there.

    thumb Lawrence Yablonsky

    Just want to gives a thumbs up to the lovely folks who keep the laundromat so clean, especially during the pandemic. I thank you!

    thumb Gigi Vasquez
  • Very clean. Lots of machines. Good music 🎶

    thumb J Bartz

    Very different in a good way, I like washing thre

    thumb Jude Cinili

    The MAT is awesome it's newly renovated. The washers n dryers in there are huge. Lots of space n saves time! Love getty back to where I love to do my laundry. So happy it's done now. It was my first great experience there in a while. If recommend it to everyone!

    thumb Jude Hegarty

    Great place to wash, my wifey and I got there fairly early!!! Surprisingly enough the place was empty 😄😄 The best day to come is Wednesday no crowds!!!! 👍👍

    thumb Jacque Parent

    Clean, convenient, working machines. Vending machine. Good payment options and prices.

    thumb Steve Disher
  • It's an ok place. There is no staff on duty if problems needs fixing. They need a bathroom in there.

    thumb Debra Alexander

    Finished 5 loads in 22 minutes

    thumb Mike Benning

    Air conditioned, off street parking, always clean, machines are always in working order

    thumb Nancy Bleam


    thumb Claudia Oliva

    It was not crowded, the facility was clean and the staff was super nice! They even allowed me to bring my dog in to hang out with us while we waited for our laundry to get done! I would definitely recommend!

    thumb Kati Korner
  • Machines work great, didn't feel it was overpriced, 2.95 or 3.95 for wash and dryer took 20 minutes with two towels and a blanket. Staff were nice, they have a card system so no losing quarters. They were clean. They beat Prime across the street in every way.

    thumb Keri Rheinfrank

    Always clean.

    thumb Mark S

    Great laundromat plenty of washing machines and dryers for all sized loads. Uses refillable laundry card . No change required.

    thumb Darleen Nilson

    Open til midnight!

    thumb Suzanne Reardon

    This place is always clean. The washer and dryers are always clean and available it never busy.

    thumb Mica MUA Makeup artist
  • This is definitely my preferred location. Not only because of the proximity to my house. It's more so the fact that it is one of the cleanest laundromats that I've been to.

    thumb Kap'n Kaos

    Very clean

    thumb Robyn Streiferd

    Very clean laundry facility although they could stand more dryers. Revisited on another occasion and not as busy. Guess it's in the timing.

    thumb m p

    No rush, extended timings and decent laundromat in South Weymouth.

    thumb arun upadhyaya

    Best laundromat in town! Even helping others who are down and out

    thumb kathy kamppila

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